Posted on 16 Aug 2017
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Artificial Intelligence and its future

What is Artificial Intelligence

A machine’s ability to simulate human intelligence is simply known as Artificial Intelligence (AI). Actions considered unique to humans like learning, logic, reasoning, perception, creativity, is now being simulated by technology and used in every industry.

Chat bots are a common example of AI in today’s world, specifically the “live chat” versions that handle simple customer service requirements on company websites. As technology advances, so does our yardstick for what constitutes AI.

How does AI work?

While it’s one thing to know what AI is, it’s another to understand the primary functions. Artificial intelligence functions by processing data through advanced algorithms. It combs large data sets with its algorithms, learning from the patterns or features in the data. There are many theories and subfields in AI systems including:

·       Machine learning: Without being programmed for what to look for or what to conclude, Machine learning uses neural networks to find hidden insights from data. Machine learning is a common way for programs to find patterns and increase their intelligence over time.

·       Deep learning: Taking advantage of its size to process huge amounts of data with complex patterns, deep learning utilizes huge neural networks with many layers. It is an element of machine learning, just with larger data sets and more layers.

·       Cognitive computing: Cognitive computing is a human-like interaction with machines. Just think of robots that can see and hear, and then respond as a human would.

·       Computer vision: In AI, the utilization of pattern recognition and deep learning to understand a picture or video is computer vision. This means the machine can look around and take pictures or videos in real time, and interpret the surroundings.


The use of AI in today’s world

People used to say AI is the future and that future is now. We all live around technology, nobody steps out of their house without carrying their mobile phones and even they have AI. You might not know this but you have directly/indirectly been exposed to AI. AI has a lot of uses and importance today. Everyone is aware of Google Assistant, most of us have used it frequently and it is actually very useful. Google is in the works to make its assistant more useful, in the future Google Assistant is expected to set up your salon appointments, doctor’s appointment and so on for you via call. Therefore you cannot deny the importance and ease of having an artificial intelligence in today’s world. Some of the other uses of AI are:



·       Self Driving Cars: Autonomous vehicles use machine learning and visualization to help the car read the surrounding and react accordingly.


·       Chatbots: Many companies have integrated a chatbot in their website to help their customers. These chatbots require less human time and learn from ones preferences and uses the conversation to better itself and provide useful information as per the customer.


·       Online Shopping: Many websites now use online shopping to learn more about a customer’s preferences and predict what they will want to buy. The AI helps grab the customer’s attention by showing them what they might need.


·       Healthcare technology: AI is playing a huge role in healthcare technology as new tools to diagnose, develop medicine, monitor patients, and more are all being utilized. The technology can learn and develop as it is used, learning more about the patient or the medicine, and adapt to get better and improve as time goes on.

These are only some of the uses of AI technology. AI has a very wide horizon and is used in almost everything.


Future with AI

People are already worried that in the future AI and AI robots will replace them as workers. That probably won’t be the case in every field as there are a lot of sectors where human work will be required. However, AI is already impacting the way we live and there are endless possibilities of AI in the future. AI-driven technology will add more efficiency and productivity in the future and expand into more industries with time. Industries like health and medicine can benefit a lot from AI to make health services better and AI will also prove to be a great deal of help in research and development of new medications in the future. AI is here to stay, the developers will have to figure a way out to protect the privacy and security as AI advances.