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Working at the intersection of business and technology, you’ll disrupt industries and transform business models. You’ll work with innovative, influential companies across banking, asset management, insurance, telecom, media, industrial, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and more.

Combining tech-related and generalist consulting, you’ll become essential to the CEOs of today—and tomorrow.
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Full Stack Developer
Openings available @ Salt Lake City, UT, Duration: Full Time

Our team of engineers builds solutions to most complex problems and has the opportunity to work with business & operations as stakeholders. This role offers the opportunity to work directly with various stakeholders, including Architects, Business sponsors to develop innovative solutions. As part of the team, you will be responsible for designing reference implementations, build v/s buy analysis, and development of high quality, scalable components in a multi-tiered architecture. You are expected to be hands on to produce a high quality code using various technologies.

  •  5 plus years of experience building Web UIs
  • 3 plus years of experience working on React , Bootstrap. 
  • Strong experience working on middle layer using REST and Java
  • Strong background developing rich web UI with HTML5 , CSS3
  • Experience with JavaScript Automated Test frameworks like Karma and Jasmine
  • Experience with server-side JavaScript using ExpressJS, NodeJS, etc
  • Should have experience with Spring boot, Microservices

What We Offer

30 Years of Combined Experience in Recruiting World
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Veridian Digital

Be part of digital revolution that is driving the future. Explore our digital capabilities that bring endless possibilities. Explore how we

  • Assist businesses embrace digital technologies
  • Convert shortcomings into opportunities
  • Support every step in the digital transformation process
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Veridian Staffing

We combine the best of cutting edge technology, innovative engagement model and proven practices to add the perfect people to your organization. Our approach can help you

  • Align talent acquisition to your company’s goals
  • Fill the hard-to-find skill gaps
  • Build a team that gives higher returns
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Veridian Proactive Engagement

Tackle the challenges of specialty recruitment by leveraging our unique approach that engages hard-to-find talent proactively by

  • Engaging with thousands of highly talented professionals
  • Connecting them with the right opportunities
  • Making the hiring process faster and easier