Big Data & Hadoop

Big data is a term that describes the large volume of data – both structured and unstructured – that inundates a business on a day-to-day basis. But it's not the amount of data that's important.

Transform Your Business
From Instinctive To Data Driven Decision Making

Almost all companies today are data rich but nobody realises how to use it. We at Veridian Tech help you build a strategy to transform your business from Instinctive to Data Driven decision making. We help you assess your data readiness and devise an approach to reach the end goal. We are the consultants, planners and implementation experts who help you expedite your goal of becoming data driven. Using our technical expertise amalgamated with the strategic consulting help align business requirements towards the business objectives. Our carefully designed and established solutions reduce time of delivery and improve accuracy of the outcome. Our expertise in multiple cloud providers – AWS, GCP and Azure helps select the best for you and build cost effective solutions

Data Ingestion Pipeline

Every data journey begins with collecting the data from multiple sources coming in varied formats. All organizations are nowadays trying to collect data from multiple different systems all scattered in multiple places. We help you agglomerate this dispersed data and data sources by building an ingestion tier using well designed pipelines tailored for your needs. We use open source frameworks like Spark, Storm, Flink, Kafka that gives us flexibility to design the solution without any constraints, deployable in any Cloud or even On-Prem.

Realtime Analytics

Business mostly now want to reach a point where they have access to data at realtime/near real time, so that they can act upon it. For example in logistics any delay happening in packages if not identified and resolved soon will cause unnecessary delays and thus losses. Our technical expertise and solutions gives you the capability to deploy solutions that complete the journey of data to insights on the Dashboards in seconds. Thus giving businesses an edge to act instantaneously.

Batch Analytics

In the era of real time streaming, there are tasks that are time consuming and requires time. For creating customer 360 degree/single customer view where every user in records is analyzed for the entirety of the duration when he is active. These tasks which require heavier processing compute and longer time are executed in a batch mode at defined frequency. We at Veridian Tech design scalable and cost effective solutions for such heavy lifting.

Data Lake

Businesses today hold data in multiple different sources and structures. Every business unit operating within an organization has its own source of truth to its own independent analytics leading to discrepancies between the functions. We at Veridian Tech solve this problem by collating all these sources with different structures and formats into a single destination and creating a single source of truth for all the business functions. Our business oriented approach of carefully designing the datalake helps Businesses achieve their desirable outcome in a short span of time.

Data Warehouse

Data exposure in the form of various metrics and KPIs has become extremely important to function business based on the actual data. To serve this requirement it is extremely important that the data for reporting is structured in the most optimal way that data extraction is easy and speed of reporting is acceptable. Our Datawarehouse OLAP models are built and tailored to the business requirement. Our extensive discovery sessions with the Business help devise a clear roadmap to reach the end outcome of driving decisions basis the data.

Data Visualization

We at Veridian Tech consult Business to develop Business Intelligence practice by utilising various Open Source and/or Paid Tools and technologies. We carry out extensive discovery sessions to understand the BI needs of every function of the business to build a unified platform to be used by all. We use tools like Power BI, Tableau, Sisense and Qlikview for a quick GTM solution. We also use various open source technologies like React, Angular to build highly customised tools for the business.