Optmize Cost, Improve Efficiency & Future Proof Your Cloud Deployment

Moving to cloud is not a question of “if”, but rather “when” and “how”. Depending on your own journey on cloud, whether you are mulling the “when” or whether you have already started, it helps to have experts with experience, on your side. At Veridian Tech we have helped many organisations move to cloud, to optimise their cloud infrastructure and to evaluate new services and to get ready for new design paradigms. Let us help you define your cloud strategy, so that you can avail sustained benefits for your business.

Why you should select us?

Most Convenient Cloud Computing Services
Security Assessment And Implementation

If you are looking to achieve security compliance, or trying to identify application security risks, we can help you. With a well defined process that assesses against the best practices and compliance frameworks, with Veridian Tech you can be assured of securing your deployment on cloud the right way.

Cost & Performance Optimization

One of the key factors for choosing cloud is to have optimum cost and performance for your applications. It is never just “lift and shift” to cloud if we want to take full advantage of the latest in technology and cloud capabilities. To get the maximum out of your investment on cloud, the applications need to be made “cloud ready”. Containerisation, for example is one of the possibilities that can really make a big impact. Are you ready for it?

Cloud Architecture Assessment

A structured process to assess the key aspects of your cloud deployment. Cloud architecture assessment helps you find the improvement areas, in your existing infrastructure. The assessment evaluates security, operational excellence, cost & performance optimisation and compares your deployment to the best practices. The output is an actionable report that your team can leverage to improve and achieve excellence.

Architecture Consulting

What differentiates us from rest of the crowd is our years of experience in building applications on cutting edge technologies, which are made for the cloud. We can help you make the right architecture decisions when it comes to choosing the best services, designing your architecture to be future-proof.